IT Governance

Our consultants have profound expertise in all IT governance areas and are able to embed this effectively in their client’s organization

IT governance provides the framework to ensure that IT investments support business objectives. It is a vital part of every IT organization and within the responsibility of the IT management.

In the past, IT organizations have set up more or less bureaucratic governance models that controlled the way the IT organization worked.

However, with the increasing innovation speed and the ongoing digitization, it is becoming more and more important that IT governance provides guidance while allowing enough flexibility to enable clients to hold on to their competitive advantage.

Excellent governance always starts with the right strategy.

We can support you in setting up / clearing up your strategy and all further governance related activities:


Define vision / mission for IT units, derive their general third party strategy and guiding design principles, contribute to cultural change


Develop and maintain business process, application, data as well as technology architectures, derive standards


Specify quality IT services fulfilling customer expectations, derive service / operational level agreements (SLA / OLA)

Portfolio Management

Safeguard focus on value-enhancing projects, make selection transparent and traceable, link projects to services


Define sourcing patterns, select partners, and implement robust contract management


Plan and monitor IT budgets, develop and implement charging concepts, run NPV analyses

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