Business Support

Solid and efficient process design is crucial for a PV organization

Business Processes

  • We help you to design efficient business processes in any new challenges in PV
  • We review your existing business processes to identify areas of improvement or harmonization need
  • We harmonize business processes across headquarter and affiliate functions to improve transparency and efficiency across the organization

Quality Management System

  • Creation or update of quality documents and manuals (e.g. SOP, work instructions)
  • Based on our customer’s needs, we can apply our proven standards or work in the given customer’s framework
  • We review your PV QMS system to identify potential gaps and areas of improvement
  • We specifically pay attention to the hand-over steps between different company functions (e.g. PV – QA – IT) to ensure smooth interaction without any gaps or compliance risks

Business Project Support

  • Any kind of technical implementation project requires a corresponding PV business lead or interface function
  • We provide the project role of a business project lead who acts on behalf of your PV business function to represent and enforce your business requirements in an IT project
  • We develop digital and conventional training concepts, prepare training material and conduct user trainings
  • We create any kind of user documentation such as user manuals, data entry guidelines, hand-outs, etc.

Change Management

  • Change management ensures a smooth roll-out of new processes and tools in the organization
  • We develop change and communication concepts tailored to your PV business organization, based on a thorough stakeholder analysis
  • We support you in preparing and executing the planned change and communication activities