Oranizational Transformation

Over the past years, JSC has successfully implemented numerous organizational projects to prepare international IT organizations for the future

The key indicator for the success of an IT organization is how effectively and efficiently it supports the business in achieving its goals in a changing environment.


With innovative technologies, agile processes and a lean organization, IT can be a decisive factor in the battle for markets and customers. However, in order to successfully fulfill their role not only today but also in the future, IT organizations must continuously adapt to their changing environment. A successful concept today can already be an obstacle to success tomorrow.



We always take a holistic approach in shaping the future IT organization.

Starting point is always the (re)sharpening of mission / value proposition of the IT organization and how it supports the corporate mission and strategy.

Based on this (new) mission, we help our clients define (together with the IT management) the overall target IT organization in 7 areas:

  • Services to be delivered by the organization,
  • The future line organization,
  • Required capacities and capabilities,
  • Core processes of the organization with
  • Core roles and responsibilities, and
  • Required committees and other bodies
  • Transition planning from “today“ to “tomorrow”



Example: Services

First and foremost, the set of services the IT organization needs to deliver has to be determined / adapted from today’s service catalog.

However, not all services need to be delivered by internal IT – they may be subject to sourcing. To identify services or groups of services that are subject to in/out-sourcing, we apply a simple yet powerful sourcing decision tree.

After this basic definition phase, the detailed work on the future organizational and operational structure of the IT organization can start. We recommend performing this detailed work over a sequence of workshops together with the level 1 management of the IT organization.


Example: Transition Plan

The last element in the chain is the thorough transition planning from today’s organization into tomorrow’s. The transition needs to ensure that the IT organization is transformed into the new set-up while a high quality of service delivery is maintained at all times. This includes planning tasks and timelines for establishing the new organizational and operational structures as well as defining the procedures to hand over responsibilities from transferring bodies to receiving bodies in a well structured way.

As organizational changes usually cause fear and worries within the IT workforce and also outside IT, the transition planning should include a strong communication and change management component.


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