Talent Management

Unleash the full potential of your IT staff and win the battle for talents

We can support you in both sourcing the right staff for the right positions from within your own IT organization and in identifying areas of play to grow your staffs’ competencies and skills


The success of an organization is built on the strengths and talents of its employees. Spending time and money to find the right position for your staff and to identify and develop key talents is a vital activity of every organization.

At jsc, we follow a role based approach to determine development requirements for your IT staff. Our role based approach takes into consideration the current and future capacity requirements of your IT organization per role, skill requirements per role and the actual skills of your staff.

On an organizational level, comparison of role based demand with internal supply allows us to determine the key areas of play for IT units such as hiring additional staff per role (e.g. Business Partners), growing/promoting staff into new roles (Software Developers to Solution Architects), reduction staff per role (e.g. DB Administrators)

On individual level, the analysis allows to derive development options based on current performance and identifiable potential for development