JSC IT Health Check

Boosting End User Satisfaction: The Power of IT Health Checks

Day-to-Day operations or urgent projects for the business? IT organizations in large companies often face the dilemma of how to balance resources between day-to-day operations and important business driven IT projects. IT teams are constantly stretched further and the ever-increasing number of IT-services provided not only adds complexity but also increases the burden to adequately support all IT end-user devices, business applications and associated infrastructure.

Our experience with long-term customers has shown that while it is possible to scale down the priority of daily operations for a short while, it does become an issue sooner or later. A classic example of this can be seen in dwindling IT end-user satisfaction and can even result in a loss of trust in the IT organization itself. Tangible evidence is frequently an increase in service ticket backlogs or worse IT end-users not seeing the point in opening a ticket at all!

These are just the most obvious first warning signs and if ignored, IT organizations risk spending most of their time firefighting problems without ever actually solving their root causes. Firefighting consumes almost all resources, in a chaotic and ad hoc manner, leaving little time for important project support for the business.
We actively help customers who find themselves in this situation to collect and identify the issues by observing the behaviour of IT end-user devices and their interactions with applications, network and infrastructure.

We begin by looking at an organization’s existing data from systems such as endpoint management, network monitoring, digital employee experience, and any other available tooling.
We then apply our standard, and/or upon request customized measures, to diagnose problems and discover root causes. The resulting corrective actions include not only IT adjustments and/or changes but also our analysis can help identify problem areas such as process breakdowns, communication needs and training requirements.
How does your company prioritize between projects and day-to-day operations?

Increase IT
end-user satisfaction

Boost end-user device
performance and compliance

Focus on delivering
proactive IT services

IT Health Check Approach

We populate our standardized KPI dashboards by reusing relevant data

We apply expert analytics to explore symptoms and diagnose root causes

We translate discoveries into technical findings for corrective action planning

Optional add-on:

Using our 3-dimensional approach we implement solutions across the three key pillars: Technology – People – Process

Stop firefighting – Increase efficiency – Win back flexibility