Master Data Management (MDM)

High quality data is at the heart of every company's digital journey and clean master data is the starting point

JSC consultants are acutley aware of the importance of clean and high quality data as the foundation to drive digitalization


Efficient decisions and processes depend on data. Most of the relevant data is master data. The quality and availability of master data determines the quality of strategic and operational analyses and subsequent decisions, as well as the quality of business processes.

However, mastering master data management (MDM) is not simple, nor is it a mere IT project – it is an ongoing initiative that touches every aspect of an organization.



To give your MDM activities a boost, we recommend assessing your company’s MDM maturity level first and then beginning with a pilot initiative using a selected MDM data domain.


  • Identify your MDM maturity level


  • Identify relevant improvements regarding governance, processes, content and systems
  • Set-up / update MDM strategy and policies
  • Set-up / update implementation roadmap


  • Select one data domain (e.g. customer, product)
  • Identify measures to improve master data in the domain
  • Run an implementation project


  • Measure the success of the project
  • Communicate results
  • Anchor cultural change in the organization
  • Start all over again