CMO Management of a Company

Safeguarding identical supply performance and quality standards for products regardless of where they are manufactured

JSC contributes to the success of a CMO organization of our clients with respect to market access, product quality and safety, technology access, flexibility of the CMO network and its landed cost.


CMO management covers all aspects of manufacturing, quality and supply commencing with the bulk product up to the finished product or parts thereof.

CMOs as elements of the own plant network are becoming increasingly important. Their integration must follow a clear strategic concept regarding internal / external supply.. JSC is able to drive related strategy projects.

Considering the operational level, CMO management has to cover the entire life cycle of a potential partnership – embedded in some supporting tasks.

CMO selection and contracting, implementation, routine operation, contract renewal or CMO disengagement, as well as CMO oversight and monitoring are the core elements of this life cycle.

Each process can be further specified with clear roles and responsibilities. The functional areas quality, supply chain, technology and purchasing / controlling must be differentiated.

JSC optimizes the CMO management process landscape, and specifies related organizational elements incl. required committees and capacity.

JSC has an excellent track rack record in defining the KPI framework and translating it smoothly into an existing system landscape on both sides incl. embedding it in the CMO oversight and monitoring process.


Lohnfertigung zur Nutzung von Überkapazitäten in der Pharma Produktion (German)

Best Practice (PDF)