Organization Streamlining

Nothing is forever

Reorganization is like open heart surgery. Therefore, streamlining of organizations requires extreme care. This has to happen on two levels – on the content and the emotional level.


At the same time, the need for change is increasing – e.g. triggered by technical innovations, intensified competition in the market or by disruptive political and social events.

With respect to the content tier, we observe the following guiding principles:

  • Set the target picture early and communicate it, so that the framework is known to all
  • Clarify the initial situation (AS-IS) quickly – an objective and nearly complete fact base helps in the latter concept phase
  • Focus on pain points in the concept design – take care to specify these topics; organizational elements which are transferred almost unchanged, require no detailed documentation
  • It’s not about the concept of the consultant but about the ideas of the affected organization – safeguard sufficient participation and input via a sequence of workshops
  • The transfer from the AS-IS to the target requires a detailed and feasible transition plan

Avoid a never-ending story – clear project objectives with a manageable project schedule; otherwise the organization will be seriously hampered in the fulfillment

On the emotional tier, it is particularly important to gain affected managers and employees as active agents of change and to overcome “wait and see” behavior.

Here is a strong need for professional communication and change management. Therefore, JSC staffs every organizational project with appropriate competence – long-term OE experts accompany the change with high social integrity and cautiousness.

Concerning communication, we are committed to the three Cs: complete, consistent, and convincing communication.


Remote Leadership – a challenge and an opportunity
Petra Kornfeld and Dr. Till Reichert

Best Practice (PDF)